I’m back

Hello everybody, I’m back! After a month full of adventures (rock festival in Roskilde plus interrail in Scandinavia), I will spend the next weeks in my dear boring hometown in Italy, and I will post daily to try to survive 😉 See ya soon

Traffic signal near the Naturhistoriska riksmuseet in Stockholm http://bit.ly/cXaApJ


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Some shy snow


When I was a child once I saw 40 cm of snow out of the door of my house in SDDP.

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Today it’s a foggy day


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In my shoes


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A strange tap


You can find this at the Oratorio Don Bosco, near the city center.


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My grandmother’s old bike

-Atala is an old italian bike constructor-

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Intrepid dolphin

Here and there you can find coloured waste bins. For another intrepid, look here http://www.ubuntu.com/ 🙂

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Look left, look right

About a century ago, lots of people worked in order to stabilize the bed of river Piave: every year it followed a different route, and it was difficult to cultivate land in such a condition. So a division of the river has been made (called “the cut of the king”), and this is the acquatic crossroad.

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Urban lion

In front of the bus station there is a kindergarden, with a lot of animals that you can use as a training for rock climbing.

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Enjoy a yellow autumn!

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